About All Things Local-TV


Ever Local Be

We are:

  • a community live streaming service that will send your message to Amazon-TV, Apple-TV, Google Chromecast-TV, Roku-TV, and Facebook platforms! 
  • Helping local business and nonprofits combat the Amazon monster, one local sale at a time.
  • Helping local nonprofits grow.  Ministry and mission work begin at home; bloom where you’re planted. Why stay plugged in to the coast-to-coast networks that don’t give a rip about us locally, diffuse and confuse the masses, and stir up the divide vibe diatribe? Let’s focus on our sphere of influence where we can do the most good.  Unity in the community.
  • All things local because local matters.   Streaming life from Lincoln Parish with shows, segments and sports to stream live and archive.
  • Offering you the opportunity to share your passions, knowledge, skills, information and imagination with our community and the world.
  • Video and podcast productions for business, services, nonprofits, festivals, sports, talk shows, churches, authors……  If you can imagine it, let’s go for it.

Let’s Create a Remarkable Future!